Is Your Business Prepared for Micro-Moments?

Is Your Business Prepared for Micro-Moments?

You no longer live in the moment. Face it—you live in micro-moments:

When your washer is beyond repair, a quick search tells you the pros and cons of top vs. front-loading machines. When you want to know, information is at your fingertip.
When you need caffeine out-of-town, a “nearest” search satisfies your craving. When you’re on the go, your mobile phone points the way.
When the printed instructions are lacking, you find your pick of videos in the blink of an eye. When you need “do” to be “done,” a video clip shows you how.
When you’re standing in the aisle debating which one to buy, the answer appears in a split second. When you’re ready to buy, your phone tells you which is “best.”
If that’s how you live your life, what does it mean for running your business? Is your business prepared for micro-moments?

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