You no longer live in the moment. Face it—you live in micro-moments:

  • When your washer is beyond repair, a quick search tells you the pros and cons of top vs. front-loading machines. When you want to know, information is at your fingertip.
  • When you need caffeine out-of-town, a “nearest” search satisfies your craving. When you’re on the go, your mobile phone points the way.
  • When the printed instructions are lacking, you find your pick of videos in the blink of an eye. When you need “do” to be “done,” a video clip shows you how.
  • When you’re standing in the aisle debating which one to buy, the answer appears in a split second. When you’re ready to buy, your phone tells you which is “best.”

If that’s how you live your life, what does it mean for running your business? Is your business prepared for micro-moments?

From browse to burst

If “right here, right now” describes your life, you should assume that it describes your customers’ lives, too. Google coined the word micro-moment to capture how consumers use their phones as they work through the process of making purchases. Few people leisurely browse the web these days. Google characterizes search habits, especially on mobile phones, as “bursts.”

The same goes for retail shopping behavior. Customers browse less. Most are on a mission to find, buy, and be on their way. Current estimates say that the average consumer has 150 micro-moments every day! Your phone is at hand, so you seize the micro-moment and do a quick search. Then you are on to the next moment.

Your business needs to capture customers during these micro-moments if you want to compete for your share of purchases. To do that, you need to understand the different kinds of micro-moments that prompt mobile searches in order to maximize your marketing efforts.

Not all micro-moments are alike

Four key moments in the purchasing process that you should consider are:

  1. “I want to know”: Consumers need product or service information.
  2. “I want to go”: They need to find your location or phone number.
  3. “I want to do”: They want to know “how-to.”
  4. “I want to buy”: Finally, they want to make a purchase.

If you only set your sights on the “I want to buy” micro-moment, you are losing customers who are engaging in one of the other three. You will dramatically increase your chances of capturing those customers if your marketing strategy addresses the other micro-moments that lead up to a purchase.

Prepare for Micro-Moments

You have a website. You have a website optimized for mobile. You have a blog. Now you need to take the next step—optimize for micro-moments. You need to assess how your customers engage across platforms as they decide what they purchase. You need to devise a strategy for each of the four key micro-moments.

First, make sure you show up. When is the last time you searched for your business? Check both online and on mobile. If you have trouble finding yourself, imagine how difficult it is for your customers! If there’s a problem here, you need to fix it first.

Next, make sure your platforms are coordinating their efforts, not competing against each other. Don’t pit your online retail against your in-store sales. Your call center isn’t a separate entity either. Each platform exists to serve the disparate needs of your customers. Your preferred platform as a consumer might not be your customer’s favorite.

Remember—it’s not about you; it’s about your customer. Customers can find a product on a mobile phone search and opt to call-in an order, find your retail location and purchase it (after checking your inventory), or wait and purchase online from a desktop computer. Let your customers choose the option that works for them.

Meet your customers’ needs

Nibbles and nuggets

One of the biggest mistakes in preparing for micro-moments is trying to cram too much content into them. Don’t ask your customers to bite off more than they can chew. Think in terms of nibbles and nuggets of information. When it comes to video, think in terms of video clips rather than full-length feature films.

Prepare for micro-moments by dividing your content into smaller bites. Keep in mind that small bites still need to be packed with useful information, not empty calories. If writing content isn’t your strength, invest in hiring that task out. Every word needs to count.

Wooing your customer

You don’t propose at the end of a first date, so don’t expect a customer to click buy at the end of every micro-moment. Your customers are likely on overload. You don’t want to scare them off by bombarding them with useless information or pushing them to purchase before they’re ready.

When customers “want to know,” don’t give them “where to go.” Match your marketing to the micro-moment. “Want to buy” marketing only works for “want to buy” micro-moments.

If you offer customers a useful tidbit, they’ll come back for more. Give them a trail of nuggets for each key micro-moment and they’ll end up at your door, items in their carts, ready to make a purchase. Those non-purchasing micro-moments are part of the journey. Entice them, moment by micro-moment.

Put it all together

If you’re feeling like you’re being asked to learn to juggle with flaming torches, Solutio understands. You feel in control as long as you only have to coordinate one micro-moment strategy on a single platform. However, now you’re expected to keep an eye on four types of micro-moments across multiple platforms. You’re not ready to do this, much less do it alone.

That’s where Solutio can help. We do more than website design. We also provide digital marketing services. Our consulting services run the gamut:

  • Search Engine Optimization: including keyword analysis, content development, information architecture, and more
  • Social media marketing: getting noticed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • eCommerce: providing online shopping capability

When it comes to developing a targeted strategy for micro-moment marketing, Solutio has expertise in site optimization and content creation. That means we can help you ensure a positive user experience whether the user is viewing your site on a desktop computer or mobile device. It also means we can provide useful information that gets noticed. Both are key to effective micro-moment marketing.

It only takes a moment

Timing is everything. When a customer searches to satisfy a curiosity in order to know, do, go, see, or buy, you need to be ready. It only takes a moment to capture that customer; it also only takes a micro-moment to lose one.

By understanding each type of micro-moment and devising a strategy to be there when one strikes a potential customer, you’ll gain momentum in your digital presence.

Now it’s your turn to take a moment. Pick up the phone and call us at 989.486.9283 if you prefer to hear a real voice right now. Shoot us an email inquiry if that fits your daily workflow better. Either way, we’ll respond to your questions and set up a free consultation.

Don’t wait another micro-moment. Let’s get started now.

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