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What are AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s advertising service.  This service is set up in a way that allows advertisers to bid on particular keywords so that their clickable ad appears in Google’s search results.
This program allows businesses to set a budget for advertising and the only time that requires a payment is when someone clicks on the ad.  Contact Solutio today to get your campaign started.

How Does AdWords Work?

When a business uses AdWords, keywords are chosen based upon their relevancy to your business as well as by the phrases that people use when searching the web.  When your keyword is searched for, your ad is triggered to appear.
Your ad will be found by potential customers under the heading “Sponsored Links” on the right-hand side or above the Google search results.   When your ad is clicked on, potential customers will be directed to your website.

AdWord Matches

When you are selecting keywords for your campaign, you should be aware that there are different matching options available.  These options include:
·         Broad Match – This option reaches the most users and your ad shows whenever your keyword is searched for.
·         Negative Match – This option will prevent your ad from showing whenever your keyword is searched for.
·         Phrase Match – Your ad will appear when a search matches your exact phrase.
·         Exact Match – Your ad will show only for searches that exclusively matches the exact phrase.


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