Tips & Tricks: How Your Business Can Use Pinterest

Pinterest has emerged as a marketing asset for many businesses.  Countless businesses are adding Pinterest to their social media marketing strategies and for good reason.  Pinterest has become a very powerful social media marketing site because it has such a large user base.  So many people, especially women, spend a significant amount of time on this site.  So how can your business reap the rewards of using Pinterest?  Let’s find out.


Building Online Awareness

When your business uses Pinterest, people become aware of your business as they view your pins.  With its large user base, Pinterest can be very helpful in building your online presence and getting your business in front of your target audience.  Pinterest is also responsible for driving more traffic to your website over Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.  When Pinterest is used correctly, it can become a phenomenal social media marketing tool that builds your online presence.


Build Brand Equity

What is brand equity?  Well, brand equity refers to the way your business is perceived.  Pinterest can help bring your brand to life by demonstrating what your brand is all about and what inspires it.  For example, a social media marketing business may have the following boards:

  •         SEO Tips and Tricks
  •         Importance of Blogging
  •         Instagram Facts for Business
  •         Facebook Guidelines
  •         Twitter Uses


Connect With Customers and Drive Sales

Pinterest is a fantastic way in which to connect with your customers.  When designing your pins, you can help demonstrate why customers should use your product or service.  When you notice what types of pins your following is pinning, you learn more about your targeted audience.  This allows you to add pins that will interest your customers in the hopes of driving your sales.  Statistics have shown that Pinterest users are 10% more likely to buy than users from any other social network.  It has also been shown that they spend 70% more.


Resource Center

Pinterest can be a very useful resource center for yourself as well as your customers.  Using a Pinterest board, you can create a collection of content from the Internet.  If you are a hairdresser, creating a board with bob haircuts that you have created help your customers discover some of your talents.  If you are a web design company, creating a board showcasing different types of websites your team has created is a useful tool that is well organized and easy for your customers to view.


Discovery of Unique Products or Ideas

So many people use Pinterest as a search and discovery tool.  They use it to find interesting products, tips and tricks.  When you share your business on Pinterest, you are helping customers discover your unique products, services or ideas.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pinterest can also help with search engine optimization or SEO.  Pinterest boards often show up at the top of search engine results.  When you are creating Pinterest boards and their descriptions, use words and phrases that are relevant to your business.  This way your boards will be discovered during a search.


Pinterest Contests

Businesses are using Pinterest to run contests. If your customers are already using Pinterest, then a contest can be quite helpful in spreading the word about your business or products.  There are a few different ways that a contest can be run.

  •         Ask your users to pin something using a specific #hashtag
  •         Create a board based on a specific concept using a specific title and description


Final Words…

Think about how Pinterest can help your business marketing objectives.  Then build a Pinterest strategy to match.  Finally, prior to pinning, evaluate the topics that your customers truly care about.  This will save you from pinning boring content and will allow you to engage your customers.