Meet Solutio’s Team of Web Designers!

Javascript. HyperText Markup Language. Cascading Style Sheets. It is a good thing that most of us do not need to know what these terms mean, because let’s face it, not everyone is a tech geek!  So, who needs to know these foreign languages?  Web designers!  And you are in luck when you choose to have your website built by our fantastic team of web designers here at Solutio, Inc.  They will take charge and create the website you’ve been dreaming of to represent your business!


What is Web Design?

When you hear the term “design”, often times we think about an artist collecting and gathering ideas in order to create a great piece of art.  Well, web design isn’t much different.  Our web designers are artists who are driven by the same forces of collecting and gathering ideas in order to create some fabulous websites for our clients.


Design Elements

Many of the elements that go into web design are the same graphic categories that you can find in all types of design.  Of course, a website it a visual journey that our clients want to take their customers on.  So, our team focuses on the following types of key visual features:

  •         Layout
  •         Color
  •         Graphics
  •         Fonts
  •         Content



Meet Daniel Terhune – Solutio’s Creative Chef

Daniel is an interesting character on our Solutio team.  Of course he was born and raised in Michigan, living in places like Grand Rapids, Detroit, Beaverton and Midland.  The wide variety of places he’s lived has greatly influenced who he is and has caused some havoc in the career decision making process.  He has dabbled in culinary arts, recording technology, and nursing before deciding to follow the career path of Food Science and Nutrition.  After he graduated, Daniel took several jobs as a chef and a Nutrition Director.  But, now he is a part of the Soltuio team and he’s cooking up a new type of well-balanced meal!  He has always loved design and technology.  Daniel was always cooking up appetizing print and web designs for so many since he was young.  So, after many career changes and international trips, Daniel jumped at the opportunity to serve the masses by creating inspiring websites and taking on multiple projects or problems for the wonderful clients of Solutio, Inc.



Meet Marie Hickerson – Solutio’s Graphics Guru

Marie was born and raised right here in Midland, Michigan.  She wandered from Lansing to Chicago and then to Detroit before following her heart back home to Midland.  She decided that a college degree was in her future, so she ventured off to Saginaw Valley State University to pursue her bachelor’s degree in graphic design while minoring in marketing.  She loves gazing at the world around her to find inspiration for her web designs and her websites are based on solid, creative ideas.  Marie is a firm believer that the best kind of education is what comes from our daily, life experiences.  She absolutely adores her work family and how everyone bands together in order to get each project completed!  She finds the relaxation and solitude that she needs in order to reboot herself while experiencing the quietness that the woods have to offer while hunting.  She also enjoys fishing, bonfires and whatever else the great outdoors has to offer.