Media Savvy Millennials

Media and Millennials go together like meme and mayne, but does your current social media strategy work with them? Even if your marketing efforts have succeeded with other demographics, you might still wonder how to reach Millennials through your social media strategy. The usual strategies often fall flat with them.

However, that’s no reason to worry. Solutio can help. We have fresh ideas to target those elusive Millennials. And the first step in building an effective social media strategy to reach them is to understand what makes Millennials unique.

If you have marketed to 18- to 34-year-olds before, don’t assume that those past strategies will work with Millennials. This age group is light-years removed from generations past. The youngest members of this generation were born in the new millennium, so throw out your old play book—it won’t work with these young adults. They were born wired.

As savvy as these Millennials are, your social media strategy will need to be savvier in order to get past their defenses. You can find lengthy lists of advice to market to Millennials, but adopting these four strategies will improve your chances of communicating with them.

1. Goin’ Mobile.

Who is never without a smartphone? Millennials. In fact 85% of them own a mobile phone. The world’s their home when they’re mobile. It’s how they stay connected. They talk, they text, and take pix. They search and find. They play and they pay. They get newsfeeds. They store their lives in the cloud.

If your social media strategy isn’t geared for mobile, you simply won’t reach Millennials. Your strategy must be designed specifically for mobile; it can’t be an after-thought. Of course Millennials use platforms other than mobile, but your social media strategy needs to reflect the first choice of Millennials, not yours.

Does your business have a YouTube channel? Are you on Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? Good. But don’t stop there. Not all Millennials are alike. Are you also on Pinterest? Reddit? Tumblr? Better.

Keeping up with Millennials doesn’t allow you to rest. As soon as the world catches up with them, they are on to the next thing. Best? As soon as you detect a new trend, jump on it!

Millennials are mobile in many ways. Short attention spans define Millennials so switch up your content frequently when you go mobile. Traditional marketing relies heavily on the concept of repetition, but Millennials tune out the same old same old. You’ll only irritate them if your social media strategy doesn’t offer new content.

2. Authenticity.

New, fresh content will only work with Millennials, however, if they consider it authentic. Being media savvy means Millennials can sense anything phony or contrived. They are immune to advertising hype. New and improved is old and worn.

In place of traditional ads, your social media strategy should focus on information. Here are your rules:

  • Don’t talk at them.
  • Don’t pitch your product or service.
  • Keep it short.
  • Keep it visual.
  • Use short how-to videos.
  • Think Twitter and texting.

Don’t be verbose! This is generation “bullet point it.”

If Millennials are invulnerable to traditional advertising, they do respect the opinions of their peers. So let peer pressure be your ally. Cultural influencers have replaced the Madison Avenue ad man. Find and hook the trendsetters and the Millennials will follow.

Peer recommendations are powerful because it takes self-interest out of the equation. Peers aren’t perceived as having a financial stake in the purchases Millennials make; therefore, the recommendation is authentic. Sharing on social media is the Millennial version of word-of-mouth advertising.

This is how you reach Millennials through social media.

3. Involvement.

Customer involvement used to be limited to making a purchase. Millennials definitely are not passive consumers who “buy, buy, buy” because they’re told to. Beyond purchase power, which is considerable, Millennials have a voice, and they like to use it. They grew up with the power of “liking.”

Your social media strategy should capitalize on Millennials’ desire to provide feedback. Welcome it! Of course, they expect that you will actually read their comments. More than that, they will expect a response! Just make sure that your comments reflect real communication.

Comments are only a minimum form of involvement for Millennials, however. Your social media strategy might begin there, but you need to expand your opportunities for engagement or you’ll risk losing them.

Because Millennials love to share, invite them to upload photos of themselves using your products or services. Have them show off your banquet hall with photos of their events or of adorable puppy Cooper sporting a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume. For extra encouragement, turn the Millennial impulse to share photos into a contest and have them vote for their favorite.

Participation for Millennials also comes in the form of customization or other input into the design of products. Where feasible, give Millennials options. They love to think outside the box so let them run wild. What flavor of ice cream could they come up with? Find out!

4. Social conscience.

While this demographic might share some of the traits of their 1950s counterparts, Millennials aren’t rebels without a cause. This generation has a strong sense of social justice. So when you decide to adopt a cause, you need to be totally committed to it. Social media strategy #2 applies.

Millennials are motivated by doing good things for others and by giving back. This oft-maligned generation isn’t as self-absorbed and spoiled as people claim. True, they want what they want and they want it now. But they are also aware of injustices, and they want to make a difference.

Knowing that a portion of the cost of a purchase will go to a cause they support impresses Millennials. Other things being equal, they’ll support those businesses that have a genuine social conscience. Whether local or global in scope, if you express passion for a cause, it will resonate with Millennials.

Just make sure you do what you say because media savvy Millennials know how to uncover your track record. Your support of charities or your claim of going green must check out as real. When it does, you’ll have a loyal customer base.

What Makes Millennials Click?

Figuring out how to reach Millennials through social media can feel daunting.

  • You’re convinced that you need to influence the influencers, but you’re not sure where to begin.
  • You’d love to incorporate videos in your social media campaign, but you don’t have the time to do it yourself.
  • You’ve gone mobile yourself, but developing a mobile marketing strategy is outside your current skill set.
  • You have causes you’re passionate about, but how do you promote your values without sounding like you’re just trying to cash in on them?

At Solutio, we know what makes Millennials click. We have plenty more social media strategies we’d be happy to discuss with you. All you need to do is call to set up a free consultation.

Before you know it, you’ll have a digital marketing campaign designed to reach Millennials through social media. Sound good? Contact Us Today so you can begin your new social media strategy tomorrow.





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