Should You Outsource Your Social Media?

Social media can be a time guzzler.  But you know that if you are building a brand or business, social media is a must when it comes to interacting with your clients.  Is it any wonder that surveys are reporting that small business owners are in need of social media experts?  It seems to be one of the top listed positions needed for businesses.  When thinking of in-house positions, social media experts are not usually full time positions.  Therefore, outsourcing your social media account may be an option to take a closer look at.


Social Media = Big Job

Social media positions are not usually full time due to the fact that, on average, managing the account for a small business usually constitutes 4-15 hours a week.  If you are a large corporation, that is fine.  Smaller businesses tend to shuffle this new position onto someone’s already existing duties.  What happens then?  The account tends to get shortchanged.  But, on the flip side, hiring someone to handle strictly social media is hardly worth the hours that are involved.  When a small business outsources there social media, your account gets the hours it deserves.


Experience Matters

Social media companies handle multiple clients.  The plus side to that is they know what works and what doesn’t.  Assigning social media to an inexperienced employee may result in disaster.  You need someone who understands that your social media account is a business communication and should be handled as such.  When silliness is exhibited via social media, there is a reason behind it.


Small Business + Social Media Expert = RESULTS

The job of the social media expert is to bring more readers to your business’s content.  But, YOU are still the expert on your business!  You still need to think about the message you want conveyed to your audience.  Think of the social media expert as part of your sales or marketing team.  Meet regularly with him or her.  Get to know this person and pass your vision on of which direction you want your business headed.


Followers and Fans

Don’t get wrapped up in numbers!  Having numerous Twitter followers and Facebook fans gets us excited and we begin to think that we have a real following.  But measuring success using these numbers will lead to gloom and doom if you are not careful.  Think of social media numbers in the following way:  just because you have mailed out three hundred mailers doesn’t mean that you will get three hundred customers.  Building a relationship takes time.  Your numbers are a great start; now foster your connection with your potential customers.


Social Media Platforms

One mistake small businesses can make is creating accounts on several social media sites at once.  Starting with between 1-4 really good social networks lets you get a handle on a few platforms before venturing out with more.  You can always add more platforms at a later date because social media is here to stay.  It is not going away!  Together, let’s build your online presence.