Team Solutio:  Meet Hayley

Royal Orchestrator

Solutio would like to introduce Hayley Lodhi.  Hayley is a huge reason why Solutio runs as well as it does.  She works as our financial department as well as our project manager.  She makes sure the bills get paid and everyone has a job to do!  This all comes natural for her because she has always been very efficient and highly organized.  It also doesn’t hurt that she naturally has a controlling nature!  But everyone, most especially Nadim (her husband), appreciate what she brings to the Solutio team.


Long Time Student

Hayley loves learning.  She began her college career at Delta College.  Believe it or not, she started out pursuing elementary education.  Upon deciding to transfer to Saginaw Valley State University, she ran into a few issues that made her start to think.  What does she truly want to do with her life?  It’s a question that all of us ponder at one point or another in our lives.  She stayed at Delta College and after several years graduated with three associate degrees; Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Associates Degree in Biology and Associates Degree Science of Nursing.  She eventually went back to school to pursue her Bachelor’s in Nursing followed by her Master’s of Science, Nurse Educator.  Now she is pursuing a different type of education.  Hayley now researches ways to improve Solutio.  Whether she is trying to streamline ways to make everyone more productive or researching topics to assist content or website design, she is always busy learning something new!


Nurses deserve to be loved…

As you may have noticed, Hayley did not start out her working career in the web design field.  She actually started out as a nurse.  While she was in her nursing program at Delta College, she was given an award for student excellence and was also the President of the Student Nurse Association.  She accomplished all of this while raising four children AND working!  If that doesn’t prove that she is efficient and highly organized, I don’t know what does!  After graduating, she began working as an Intensive Care Unit nurse until she headed back to achieve her Master’s degree.  Some of the qualities that Hayley brings to the Solutio team that must have come from being a nurse are her compassion for her team and clients, helping out wherever she is needed and her systematic approach to a project.


Project Manager

So what exactly is a project manager?  A project manager has the responsibility of planning, executing and closing a project.  When a new client has enlisted the expertise of the Solutio team to build a website, Hayley delegates the different jobs to the rest of the team.  She takes a look at what projects each person is currently working on and decides which team member will be designing the website and who will be writing the content.  After the team is assembled, Hayley keeps tabs on how the project is going, when the money comes in from a client and the website is paid for, that the website is up and running and eventually is able to close out the project.  The Solutio team would be lost without her…