Team Solutio:  Meet Nadim


Did you know that if you want to get a degree in Mummy Studies, there is only one place you can go to get it and that’s in Manchester, England?  Manchester is also the place where Henry Royce and Charles Rolls of the famous Rolls-Royce team met in 1904.  And if you want to enrich your linguistics ability, Manchester is the place to be because it is the most linguistically diverse city in Western Europe.  So it should come as no surprise to us to discover that Head Honcho and Sales Rock Star, Nadim Lodhi, comes to us directly from Manchester, England!



Nadim was born and raised in Manchester.  After completing high school, he quickly got to work achieving his HND in Math Statistics and Computing followed by his post graduate diploma in Mathematics.  But, Nadim did not stop there.  His love of the subject was a driving force that caused him to keep plugging along and soon he finished his degree in MSc. Masters of Science in Operational Research.  Nadim loved the courses of study that he pursued, but quickly discovered that he did not like sitting behind a desk all day as a systems analyst and systems support manager.  This was not his cup of, shall I say it, TEA…


Head Honcho and Sales Rock Star

So who is Nadim to Solutio, Inc.?  He is the mastermind!  After following his heart to our great state of Michigan, he soon discovered that there were so many businesses, specifically in the Midland, Bay, Saginaw and Isabella counties, that were without websites.  And that is where Solutio was conceived.  Nadim was not a stranger to the web marketing and web design industry because he had previously owned a company of this nature in Manchester.  Lucky for those of us in the great state of Michigan, Nadim now offers his clients and neighbors personal service when developing their new website.


Who is Solutio?

Solutio is a Michigan, web based company whose aim is to be the number one choice in providing its clients with effective online strategies.  So what kind of services does Solutio provide?

  • Web Design – Solutio’s team will provide companies and organizations with a website that is a visual masterpiece and at the same time, user-friendly.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Solutio knows how to get the highest rankings on search engines such as Google and Yahoo for your website.
  • Social Media Marketing – There are several social media platforms available to help market your business.  Location is not simply a geographical location anymore, but is also your presence on social media.  Find out how Solutio can enhance the face of your business.
  • eCommerce – Does your business want to offer online shopping?  If so, our Solutio team can create a website suited for customers shopping from home.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Solutio offers this service for customers to make sure that your business is found on ALL search engines.  We will also make sure that your company will be listed on the first page or two.