The Importance of Having a Mobile Friendly Website

Nearly everyone these days carries a smartphone or owns a tablet.  Mobile devices have become the choice of so many people today.  Therefore, a business should want their website to be mobile friendly to attract more customers because these devices so prominent.


Did you know?

Back in 1997, there were about 1 million websites.  Ten years later, there were 150 million.  In 2007, there were approximately 1 million mobile websites.  By 2017, that number is expected to reach 150 million.  Obviously, accessing the internet began by using a PC, but now, with over 3 billion mobile phones being used around the world, we are quickly entering a period when a first time internet user will be using a mobile device.  Clearly, mobile friendly websites are on the rise and will only continue on this upward trend requiring that the business world adapt.  A business without a mobile friendly website is just asking to be forgotten.

Need for Speed

Most everyone nowadays carries a smartphone.  And when the opportunity to gather information presents itself, those with smartphones will gather it this way.  This advancement in technology has allowed businesses that have a mobile site to skyrocket.  Companies that have not yet adapted their sites to be mobile are missing out on attracting new customers.  If a customer pulls up a website that isn’t mobile friendly, he will most likely close out and find a similar company that is user friendly.  It is vitally important that you cater to the millions of mobile users because if you capture a customer here, you will now have this customer on any platform you use.

Reasons to Have a Mobile Friendly Site

  •         Smartphones are very affordable and most everyone is looking to buy one.  Not only can you make phone calls on it, but you can also browse the web.


  •         The mobile internet is growing in popularity.  Some studies are showing that about 40% of those who own a mobile phone use it to go online with.  And of that 40%, about half of them go online multiple times a day.


  •         It is fairly inexpensive to change your site to be mobile friendly.


  •         The GPS tool on a mobile phone is a very useful piece of technology for both customers and businesses.  This tool can be used to find a nearby business.  Without a mobile site, you may be missing out on customers in your area.


  •         Many customers like to browse the web when traveling.  But, if your site isn’t mobile, the customer may just switch to a site that is mobile and user friendly.


  •         When your website is mobile friendly, it helps to improve the SEO as well as ranking on search engines such as Google.


  •         A mobile site is compatible with all platforms, unlike mobile apps as well as a cheaper alternative.  When producing an app, a version needs to be made for each platform.  This is expensive and tedious work.


  •         A mobile site is a better and more enriching experience for the customer.