What’s Happening in Kalamazoo?

Solutio Web Marketing and Design is new to the area.  So what’s going on in Kalamazoo?  We have gone on the search for what makes this town stand out among the many other beautiful in our great state of Michigan.  Let’s take a look!


You Will Never Go Wrong With an Education

What an amazing opportunity the children of Kalamazoo have to further their education after they leave the Kalamazoo public school setting.  Kalamazoo Public Schools offer their graduates the opportunity to attend a postsecondary school with up to a 100% tuition scholarship.  This is a rare opportunity that most public schools do not offer to their students.  So, why does Kalamazoo Public Schools provide this opportunity?  They offer the following reasons:

  • Education is an important key to a person’s financial well-being.
  • This opportunity allows Kalamazoo Public Schools to differentiate itself from other public and private school systems.
  • This provides for a real meaningful and tangible opportunity for all students.


Amazing Nature

An extensive 180 acres of beautiful trees and flowers make up the arboretum which is owned and operated by Kalamazoo College.  A plentitude of paths are on display for you to explore and enjoy.  The “Arb,” as it is locally known as, is beautiful no matter what season is passing through our great state.  A fantastic place to take a walk, bring your dog for a run and to simply lose yourself in the beauty of what nature has to offer.


The Best Beer of the Midwest

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a locally brewed beer, look no further than to Bell’s Brewery; often referred to as the best brewpub in Southwest Michigan.  Stop by to experience the taste of their famous Two Hearted Ale, Porter, Third Coast or the local favorite, Oberon.  If you are passing through Kalamazoo during the spring or summer, make sure that you stop by and pick up a case of Oberon to enjoy while on vacation or when watching your favorite baseball team.


Further Your Education

Whether you are looking for a private or a public university, Kalamazoo has what you are looking for.  Kalamazoo College is a small private school that sits near the edge of the downtown.  If you are looking for a liberal arts degree and/or would like to study abroad, this is the school for you.  If it’s a graduate or business program that you are looking for, Western Michigan University is ranked among the top 10 producers of education professors and very notable for their undergrad business and theater schools.  They are consistently placed as one of the best schools in our lovely state.


Going to the Theater

The closest you will get to Broadway in Michigan is by visiting the Miller Auditorium located right in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo.  Big name comedians and bands pass through this bustling artistic community while on national tours.  And if you are looking to experience your favorite musicals, look no further.