Meet Our Team

Nadim was born and raised in Manchester, England.  After high school he completed his HND in Math Statistics and Computing followed by a post graduate diploma in Mathematics.  He enjoyed the subject so much that he finished his education with a MSc. Master of Science in Operational Research.  Although he loved the subject matters he studied (who wouldn’t), he found that sitting behind a desk all day as a systems analyst and a systems support manager was just not his cup of tea (not coffee)…  He quickly moved into a great opportunity that launched his stardom in sales!  Nadim has 20+ years of traditional marketing and advertising, web marketing and advertising, team building and training, management and entrepreneurship experience.  He owned his own web design and marketing agency in Manchester before following his heart to Midland, Michigan (3,583 miles for the woman he loves).  Residing in Midland, Michigan, Nadim now provides the same personal service to all of his clients and neighbors (lucky for Michiganders).  He is a member of the Midland Chamber of Commerce and the Sanford Chamber of Commerce.  The belief that building relationships and giving world class personal serve to his clients has launched Nadim to ROCK STAR STATUS!

Hayley spent a couple of years at Delta College pursuing the elementary education route before deciding to transfer to Saginaw Valley State University.  While in the process of transferring, she ran into a few issues that made her think about what exactly she wanted to do when she grew up!  After several years of schooling passed her by, she graduated from Delta College with three associate degrees; Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Associates Degree in Biology and Associates Degree Science of Nursing.  During her nursing program, she was given an award for student excellence and was the President of the Student Nurse Association.  All of this was achieved while raising her children and working!  Once she graduated she began working as an Intensive Care Unit nurse for a few years until she was bit by the school bug once again and headed back to pursue her Bachelor’s in Nursing and followed that with her Master’s of Science, Nurse Educator.  How does she fit in here at Solutio?  Well, she is the REAL boss, just ask her husband Nadim!  (But, he has to say that because she is the reason he moved to Michigan…)  Here at Solutio, her key skills of efficiency, high organizational level and controlling nature have been put to great use by overseeing the financial and operational aspects of the business. 

Josh was born in Port Huron, and raised in the small town of Pigeon, Michigan where he grew up working on the farm and in construction.  He’s not afraid of hard work which has caused his dedication to fitness and weightlifting.  He’s always had an interest in graphic design and working with people.  His energy and positivity are reflected by the time and energy he invests in helping small businesses in the Kalamazoo area grow.

Scott is a proud Michigander and Saginaw area native who currently resides in the beautiful hills of Ogemaw County with his wife and two young boys. After spending nearly a decade in retail management and then seven years as a Pastry Chef, he returned to school and earned his B.A. in Professional and Technical Writing from Saginaw Valley State University. Along with the various hats he wears here at Solutio, Scott also conducts freelance writing for local publications such as Great Lakes Bay (lifestyle) and Great Lakes bay Business magazines. When he’s not writing or providing the most effective digital marketing solutions for regional businesses, he likes to read, research emerging media, and enjoy the outdoor splendor Michigan provides in all seasons.

Gretchen grew up in Gladwin, Michigan (go blue and white!) as an avid reader and softball player.  She didn’t know what to do with her life after high school, so she decided to become a legal secretary (against her dad’s wishes) instead of heading off to college.  But, that didn’t last long because the attorney she worked for was really cranky.  So, after a couple years, off to college she went (with her mom, dad and future husband cheering her along).  Still not real sure what she wanted to do in life, but knowing that she had to do something!  She started off wanting to become a legal assistant (because law interested her, just not her previous employer).  Soon she discovered that what she was studying was what she had been doing in her former position!  That’s when she switched educational gears and decided on elementary education as her passion.  Ten long years it took her to finish her degree (along the way she got married and had two children), but she finally was handed that bachelor’s degree!  She was interviewed for a second grade position and was one of over 100 applicants.  Much to her astonishment, she got the job!  She loved the children and had a real passion for making education fun for them.  The fun only lasted a few years (because politicians truly know how to ruin fun for anyone) and it soon became apparent to her that she was not in her profession to teach content for mastery, but was teaching to a test…  That didn’t sit well with her, so she began to look for ways out of her role as an educator.  Her quickly expiring teaching certificate helped push her headlong into another passion of hers, writing!  And now she specializes in content and social media for Solutio, Inc. and is enjoying every moment of it!

Born in Alma and raised in Breckenridge, Wesley has grown up just about as close to the heart of Michigan as you can get. As such, an old-fashioned small-town background is central to his personality and character, albeit accompanied by a dry sense of humor of unknown origin. Meanwhile, his education in New Media Studies at Alma College gave him a design sense that leans more toward the modern metropolitan, as well as solidified a long-held affinity for the written word. These have come to serve him well as he composes copy and programs/designs web pages at Solutio – where he knew he would fit right in as soon as he saw the sheer volume of coffee consumed. When not working, Wes is probably enjoying a good interactive narrative (or “video game,” for the uninitiated) or trying to think of a way to make his living from being a Tolkien scholar.

Hayley was born in New Jersey, but was raised in Michigan for the majority of her life. From a young age she enjoyed reading and writing, finding herself creating her own stories and poems. She considers herself an artist, a writer and a musician. Hayley attends Central Michigan University and in her free times plays in a band called Dead Rover with her brother, Andrew and old friend, Tanner. She will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in May with three publications to her name.