What is Web Design?

When we think about design, we know that an artist is collecting and gathering ideas while at the same time is being driven with a specific purpose in mind.  These ideas will be artistically arranged to be appealing to the viewer’s eye.  Web design is a very similar process.  A web designer has the same driving force, but with the intention of presenting his creation on electronic web pages that a user can access through the internet with the help of a web browser. 

Website Design Elements


Many elements of web design use the same key visual features of typical design.  Some of these are:

Layout – This is the way that graphics, ads and text are arranged on a page.  The goal of a layout is to allow the viewer to seek the information needed at a glance while maintaining the balance, consistency and integrity of the arrangement.

Color – Keeping in mind the client’s personality and purpose, a color scheme is developed.  This scheme could be black and white or a multi-colored design that uses web-safe colors. 

Graphics – This may include logos, photos, clipart or icons that will enhance the web design, but will not slow down the load time of the page.  These will be placed appropriately for user friendliness and will look fantastic with the color scheme and content of the web page. 

Fonts – Your web designer will choose a web-safe font that will enhance your website design.

Content – Visuals and text work together to develop the message of your website.  The written text will be relevant and useful to the reader, while encouraging him to remain on the website.  The content will be:

  • Optimized for search engines
  • Be of suitable length
  • Incorporate relevant keywords

User-Friendly Website Design


Besides the above mentioned web design elements, our energetic web designers at Solutio, Inc. will also consider the viewers who visit your website.  They will make your site user-friendly by adding the following:

  • Make the website easy to navigate.
  • Use relevant multimedia such as video or audio.
  • Design the website to perform equally on different browsers and operating systems.
  • Provide innovative technology that is new, vibrant and professional.
  • Convert website viewers into customers with email forms.