The internet is filled with scams, and money-grabbers

We all know scams are everywhere these days, especially on the internet. On any given day, thousands of new “companies” are being created, with the sole purpose of reaching into your pockets, and taking money they don’t deserve.

To be fair, some of these companies actually provide the service they claim to be providing; but you can be certain their services are poor at best.

These companies’s main purpose is not to offer a great service, but instead, to make a buck. This can be seen by the way they often spam your inbox, sending you countless emails asking you to purchase more domain names from them, and additional unneeded services for  a “low monthly fee”.

One large company offering domain transfer and renewal services, is iDNS (Internet Domain Name Services), whose letter looks something like the image below. These letters may seem “official”, and claim that it’s time to renew your domain. iDNS will normally list the domain renewal period of 5 years as being the “best value!” – but the reality is that they will charge you too much money now, and even more money later.

What do they want?

Some companies are technically legitimate companies, offering you cheap, low-quality domain registration services. But some on the other hand…

Most are Simply after your Money!

Others are trying to get your money, as well as your contact details so they can target you with other marketing, and get your to sign up for additional paid services, turning you into a big money maker for them.

What should I do?

Throw that letter away!

The best thing for you as a customer to do, is to stay informed. Don’t trust every letter that comes in that mail, no matter how official it looks. Keep an eye on your accounts, and know who your domain is registered with.Can you help?

We sure can! If your domain is under our management, we will ensure that it stays renewed, and make sure it is “locked for transfer” so no one can take it away from you. We will never own your domain name – we’ll simply make the acquisition and management of the domain as simple as possible.

If you have any questions, or concerns about this, you can always reach out, and ask by calling, or sending an email to: [email protected].

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