Why Are Search Engines Important?

The average person living in a modern industrialized society is exposed to several pieces of information every single day.  This information would equal the amount of information that a person living 100 years ago would have experienced in a year.  The information is displayed as advertisements, newspaper headlines, websites, text messages, traffic signs, T-shirt slogan, and so forth…  It’s not hard to understand why the human population’s attention span is getting shorter and that the majority of people believe themselves to be busier than they have ever been.  So how does a person keep all of this information straight? That’s where search engines come into play.


Information Management

With the amount of information that we sift through on a daily basis, it is virtually impossible to remember everything that we need to know… names, dates, figures, phone numbers, email address and on and on.  Most of us have tools that remember our information and will retrieve it on demand.  Microsoft Outlook helps us to manage our email.  We have project managers for our jobs that help us sift through pertinent information.  And when you want to find a product, service or a piece of information online, we use a Search Engine.

search engine

“To Google Something”

According to Google, they are seeing over one trillions searches performed each year.  That is about three billion searches a day.  Needless to say, you are not alone when it comes to finding useful information via a search engine.  Search Engines are right at your fingertips and have become a part of the daily life of most.  They have become readily accepted in contemporary culture that the word Google now appears in the dictionary.  Not defined only as a noun, but also as a verb as in “to Google something.”

A Filter of Sorts…

Essentially, a Search Engine acts as a filter for a wealth of available information on the Internet.  Search Engines allow users to not only quickly, but also easily, find the information that is of interest or value to them.  It also eliminates the need to wade through numerous amounts of irrelevant web pages.  It is safe to say that the goal of a Search Engine is to provide the user with search results that lead to relevant information on high quality websites.  The ideal word here being “relevant”.  In order for a Search Engine to attain and retain a market, they need to make sure to deliver results that are relevant to what the user is searching for.  This is accomplished by maintaining databases of web pages.  Search Engines use complex algorithms to assess websites and we pages in order to assign them a ranking for relevant search phrases.

Most Popular Search Engines

According to eBizMBA in October of 2023, listed below are the top 10 most popular Search Engines.  These rankings are continuously updated using various factors.

  •         Google – Estimated 1,800,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  •         Bing – Estimated 500,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  •         Yahoo Search – Estimated 490,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  •         Baidu – Estimated 480,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  •         Ask – Estimated 300,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  •         AOL Search – Estimated 200,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  •         DuckDuckGo – Estimated 150,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  •         WolframAlpha – Estimated 35,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  •         Yandex – Estimated 30,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  •         WebCrawler – Estimated 25,000,000 unique monthly visitors

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