Organic Not Artificial

The proliferation of websites can make you feel like one obscure star shining dimly in the universe. How will customers ever find you? You can invest in ads, and you can use organic search opportunities to point customers in your direction. These are ten organic search opportunities you don’t want to miss out on.

What exactly is an organic search? Organic in the lingo of SEO (search engine optimization) means unpaid or free methods of achieving higher search rankings. It relies on the words and phrases that real customers use to find what they’re looking for; rather than paid ads to generate a click-through to your website.

We aren’t saying paid ads have no place in your marketing strategy. But you shouldn’t assume that these organic search opportunities are less effective at generating web traffic. Research shows that organic searches produce over a third of traffic compared to one-quarter of traffic from paid ads.

You can improve your ranking and click-through rate by following these ten strategies:

1. Words, words, words

Keywords are one key to organic search opportunities. These are the words that customers use to search for products and services. You should also add longtail keywords. These longer phrases can boost your ranking by distinguishing your site from a plethora of similar businesses.

Repetition of your keyword is a good thing. Overuse isn’t. There’s a delicate balance between organic use of a keyword and the obvious artificial overuse to drive up your SEO. Search engines are able to spot overused keywords.

2. Not just any old word

Guessing isn’t good enough. Not just any keyword will do. You need to research the words your customers actually use to find you on the web. Social media can give you some clues for the best search terms.

Or give Solutio a call. We can do the research for you. And once we’ve identified the best keywords, we’ve mastered finding the Goldilocks zone between not enough repetition and overuse.

3. One page at a time

If your website is one long page that scrolls endlessly, it’s time to revamp your online presence. Having one long page is like asking your customer to read War and Peace without dividing it into chapters. It’s daunting!

Creating a website with separate pages for each product category or service is one of the most effective organic search opportunities you shouldn’t miss out on. Each page has its own keyword, and that contributes to your overall SEO ranking.

4. Hooked on headlines

Headlines have traditionally sold newspapers. Use that same strategy as an organic search opportunity. But please do more than simply use a keyword in the headline. Give them pizzazz! Keep your customer reading to the end by using humor, allusions, or other memorable catch phrases.

These little gems help customers stay focused on content. They can also help customers navigate longer content to quickly find what’s relevant to them. Customers are searching for content. Headlines can get them where they want to go.

5. Get to the point

Did we mention that you aren’t writing War and Peace? Organic search opportunities include being short and sweet. Attention spans, even in adults, aren’t what they used to be. Customers start to lose attention within 8 seconds.

When products and services demand longer, more detailed information, it’s up to you to find ways to create shorter stretches of text. Taking it one page at a time and keeping them hooked with headlines helps customers stay engaged.

6. Oh, say can you see?

We love words, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Break up text with plenty of images, charts, graphics and video clips. Don’t overlook the power of visual marketing as an organic search opportunity. Visuals keep your customers’ attention and can help boost your click-through rate.

Although just about anybody can snap a photo, you should consider hiring a professional. Lighting, framing, and color can make or break an image. Because images are so important, you need top-quality visuals. Solutio’s web designers are ready to assist you.

7. ET phone home

Mobile marketing is still on the rise. Organic search opportunities absolutely must address the unique needs of smart phone screens. If you don’t, you risk alienating potential customers. It’s too easy for ET to click on the next link and leave you behind.

Here at Solutio, we understand that knowing what you should do doesn’t mean you have the technical know-how to do it. If you could use help optimizing for mobile, give us a call. We know how to phone home!

8. No weak links

Keywords, visuals, and pithy headlines add the glitz and fun to a website. Behind the façade, sites depend on links and backlinks to connect them to other sites on the web. These organic search opportunities might not be as glamorous, but they pay off big.

A significant part of your ranking is based on your business’s links to other websites. But beware! Not any old link will do! Again, links must be relevant. Don’t bother trying to game the search engine system. Weak links won’t be rewarded.

Relevant links and backlinks should be your goal. Backlinks are especially priceless. These are the links other websites have to your site. Cultivate positive relationships with other vendors and businesses.

9. Mix it up with social media

You know the power of social media. You don’t have to go viral to experience the positive impact this organic search opportunity can mean for your business. Using such platforms as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook among others can extend your reach to new customers.

10. Let’s review

There’s still nothing like the real recommendations of satisfied customers. Do solicit reviews, but never pay for them. Verified reviews are the only way to go. Organic in this context means authentic. Potential customers can spot paid praise.

Do simplify the process for your customers to provide reviews. It should never take them more than a couple of clicks to upload their two cents. And encourage customers to upload their photos—of themselves and their purchases!

Don’t worry about the quality of your customers’ photos. And don’t bother to correct grammatical errors. Reviews don’t have to be perfect as long as they’re genuine. Customer reviews should be real people talking to other real people!

All You Need

If our ten organic search opportunities sound impossible to achieve, give Solutio a call. It takes a number of skills to pull off a successful organic SEO campaign. Fortunately, we have a team that covers everything you need:

  • Content writers. From content for your website to blogs and more, our team has a way with words. We can develop organic keywords and effectively work them in to content to boost your ranking. If English wasn’t your favorite class, count on us to put words in your mouth!
  • Graphic designers. Layout and placement contribute to impact. So do color and font selection. If your artistic skills lack refinement, our web designers will always make you look good.
  • Technical staff. Our web developers have the technical know-how to put the whole package together. We translate your vision into live webpages and keep it up and running.

It’s time to go organic! Contact Solutio today.