Tips & Tricks:  Taking an Online Class

That time of year is nearing once again.  The leaves are starting to turn, the night time air is getting chilly and the kids are heading back to class.  For those who are considering an online class, there are a few things that you should consider in order to be successful.  After all, taking a class in a non-traditional way involves a bit more than you would think.

Why choose an online class?

So many of us nowadays are busy with family and work that trying to make room for squeezing in a class or two is virtually impossible.  That is why taking a class online is a more suitable way to balance all of the priorities in your life.  Online classes allow you the advantage of integrating your studies into your schedule when it best suits your needs as well as provides you the opportunity to work at your own pace.  So what should you know to be successful when taking a class online?  Keep reading.

Technical Requirements

Prior to the start of your online class, it is very important that your computer will work with all of the online tools that you are required to use.  And just because you have taken a class online previously does not always mean that the same tools will be used for another class.  So make sure you check.  You also need to know how to navigate the tools as well because you do not want to waste important class time trying to figure out the technology.


Make That Initial Contact

Early on in the class you should make the effort to contact your instructor.  Why?  Because you need to have an understanding of what is expected of you.  Do not wait until you are struggling and not sure what the instructor is looking for before you make that contact.  And stay in contact throughout the class.  You may not get the answer as quickly as you can by raising your hand in class, but your instructor will get back to you fairly quickly.

Scheduling Your Time

In order to be successful in your online class, you need to make sure that you have the necessary time to complete your classwork.  It is vital that you map out your assignments in some sort of planner.  This allows you to stay on track and ensuring that you do not wait until the last minute to complete your projects.  Make sure that you are dedicating enough time to receive the grade you want in this class.  This can all be achieved by using one of the following kind of planners:

  •         Online Planner
  •         App on Your Smartphone
  •         Basic Notebook Planner



The traditional route for taking a class follows a consistent schedule each week.  You have in-class instruction that is followed by an out-of-class assignment.  For online classes, however, you will have to become organized yourself and learn not to rely on your instructor.  Dedicate a quiet, clean area in your home to your class.  Finally, find a system that works for you and stick with it.


Online classes are convenient, but not for everyone.  It is not the “easy” route as some may believe.  Your self-discipline, time management skills as well as your ability to learn independently will be tested.  You still need to dedicate the same amount of time to an online class as you would a traditional class, if not more in some cases.  Keep these tips in mind when choosing to continue your education with an online venue and you will be sure to succeed!