With all the techie terms that keep flooding the internet, it’s hard to keep up with the new ones.  We’ve gotten use to the term blogging, but what is vlogging?  A vlog is simply a video blog, or a blog that contains video content.  There are bloggers who have included video content for years, but vlogging is now becoming more common with the equipment, software and hosting becoming much cheaper and search engines (such as Google) featuring video sections.


So how can you start vlogging?

If you have access to a camera with video capabilities and a fairly recent computer with a high speed connection, then you have the equipment you need to get started!  Now decide on an interesting topic that you can vlog about!  Here are some steps to follow:

  •         Think of a topic for your vlog.  The topics are endless!  Just be sure that it isn’t boring, insulting or illegal.  There are a multitude of video bloggers that you can get inspiration from, but remember to be true to your own uniqueness!  Don’t be a copycat and do what “everyone else is doing”!
  •         Now, get a YouTube account if you don’t already have one.  Make sure to give your channel a unique and attractive name.  You want your channel to be interesting so be sure to think about the username you choose.
  •         Set out to make about ten EXCELLENT videos!  They should be interesting and pertinent to your potential viewers.
  •         Post one or two videos daily at first.  Then switch to posting a video daily and eventually you can drop down to posting a video every other day.  Try not to skip two days because you a setting a standard for your viewers.
  •         Post one of your videos to a related and well-known video as a response.  This will get you at least a fifth of the views of the original video!
  •         Stay active!  No one will be interested if you don’t post a video for weeks or months.  If possible, you should set a weekly calendar in which to upload videos.  Bloggers should establish a schedule of publishing a video three to four times a week.  If this is too much for you, try scheduling a video upload one time a week.
  •         Remember that you want to only upload good quality videos.  So make sure that you EDIT!  This could mean the difference between viewers scrolling past you and clicking on your video.  Search for tutorials on using the editing software that you currently have.  Windows has Windows Movie Maker already installed and all Apple products have iMovie available.  Android also has its own version.
  •         After you have established a good reputation with the YouTube community, try to become a YouTube partner.  You will need to have at least a few thousand views in order to do so.  YouTube pays you for allowing ads to be displayed on your videos.  This is how vloggers make money!  This allows your videos to appear often in search engines as well.
  •         Remember to communicate with your followers.  This is very important.  You do not want to shut them out or ignore them.  Make the time to respond to their comments, messages and video responses.  This leaves a lasting impression with your followers and they will appreciate it.


Tips for Vlogging

Make sure that you have a Twitter and Facebook account.  This is a fantastic way in which to interact with your followers and inform them when you add new content.  You can also add pictures that you want to share as well.


Vlogger Beware…

Don’t jump into vlogging too quickly.  You don’t want to come across as pathetic or a wannabe.  So hold off on creating a bunch of accounts and asking for likes right off the bat.  Wait until you have some subscribers you already appreciate you first.